I would like to take the time to express my appreciation to you and your entire crew for the exceptional job that you did on my home.  Right from the start, your professionalism and sense of color made the entire process totally stress free.

From the very first meeting at the Home Show, then the first in house meeting with you proved to be 100% professional.  The attention to detail that you and your crew displayed was outstanding.  Your willingness to work with me in all aspects of the job far exceeded anything I had expected.

As you know, I did look into several different types of jobs, like Liquid Siding which was more expensive and didn’t cover everything that you did and they did not have the facts to back them up the way your presentation did.  I can be hard to please due to a few bad experiences with other contractors but because of you and your staff, you will always be in the front for any and all home improvement jobs that I have.

One of the big things that helped was your sense of color, it’s not my area and the colors that you helped me select turned out GREAT!  I have received numerous compliments from my neighbors and have watched passersby expressions and it makes me feel terrific.

Between the TEX-COTE, the window installation, the dry-rot repair of the old wood siding I just cannot express my appreciation enough.

I will gladly give you any recommendation you want.  I can hardly wait to have my first party to show off the house to my family and friends.