We just wanted to thank you and especially your workers who did such a wonderful job on our home.  Even though our home is only going to be 8 years old this August, the builder did not do a good job applying the original stucco and we had ended up with so many cracks and peeling that it was very embarrassing to us.

When we saw your advertisement in the paper, we were anxious to talk to you and when you came to our home and went through the steps that would be taken to make our home not only beautiful again, but we would never have to worry about painting ever again.  We were so happy to see how soon your men came out and started work.  Those men should be commended for such care that they took in getting our home ready for the Tex-Cote.

Those men were very careful in covering our plants, taking down all the light fixtures and covering all the patio sets and swing.  They are truly professionals for this type of work.  They were quiet and started work as soon as they arrived and worked so well as a team, each one doing his job efficiently.

We had other contractors make bids which were lower but after investigations of these contractors and yourself included, we realized you were the best contractor and most reliable company and we needed this Tex-Cote, so we could relax and not worry about our home ever again.

Thank you for helping us pick out the right colors for the home.  We are really proud of our home now.  Also, thank you for helping us get the patio cover we wanted.  Your workers did a great job and cleaned up wonderfully after the job was done.

We can’t thank you and your crew enough for making our home a place to really enjoy.  We tell everyone who is even thinking about re-doing the outside of their home or want a new patio cover to come see how great of a job has been done for us.