November 28, 2015

I contacted HomePRO when I had a problem with rainwater actually seeping through the stucco on the front (south) wall of my house, ultimately resulting in mold on the interior wall. Matt took the time to carefully explain exactly what he recommended for the situation, and the reasons behind it. I was reluctant to replace my 7 year old retrofit windows; I still liked them a lot, but Matt said that a new-construction type window was needed to properly reinstall the flashing. When I later saw the poor condition of the existing window frames, I was glad the windows were being entirely replaced. It would have been a serious inconvenience to have discovered that in the middle of the work. I like the new windows even better.

I was told that the whole exterior wall would need to have stucco reapplied because it is too difficult to patch stucco so that it looks uniform. I actually had hired HomePRO do a small stucco repair about 10 years before, and I couldn’t exactly see where it had been done, so I decided to trust them to do the repair on the much larger area. They did an excellent job. It doesn’t look patched and it looks just like the adjacent wall.

I also needed to have drywall and texture redone on the interior. It is not easy to match wall texture, but the affected area matches the existing texture perfectly.

The work crew was there on schedule, they were well-organized, and they completed the entire job in 8 working days. I am happy to recommend HomePRO. I would hire them again.

Jeri Whelan