One of the many benefits of working with HomePRO is that we are a full service General Construction company that can expertly handle all types of home repairs. Instead of going through all the time and hassle of hiring several different contractors, you can trust HomePRO to professionally take care of all of the projects you need to have done to your home. This service convenience will save you a considerable amount of time and money.

From installing a new plug to fixing a roof leak, HomePRO has you completely covered from the roof down. We also offer our clients seamless gutters and gutter screens, dry-rot repair, fascia board replacement, small electrical and plumbing repairs, new light fixtures, new shutters, new decorative trim, repairing and building decks, fence and gate repairs, stone veneers like Absolutely Stone, and many other types of improvements and repairs.

Take a look at the Home Repair photo gallery page or view it above, to see some examples of the many types of home repairs we can help you with. Contact us today to discuss your project and schedule a free consultation.

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